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IVY’S Makeup & Beauty Academy 是一间集化妆、发型、美容、形象设计为一体,体现整体造型的专业化妆学院。

院长IVY LOW享誉婚纱化妆造型界,拥有二十年的丰富经验。

IVY将累积经验与技术致力于栽培优秀化妆界人才,亲自编审,浓缩教材,并联合经验丰富及技术精湛的资深导师阵容,教导传授一系列最专业及实用的化妆技巧,让学生更容易的掌握化妆秘诀  。院长曾受训于香港、台湾、韩国、美国、法国、及德国等,为数千位新娘化妆造型,受赞扬,被肯定,信誉卓越而远近驰名。

学院积极组织学员参与各种社会化妆造型等实践工作, 推荐学员参与大型活动 :舞台剧、MTV 摄制、杂志化妆、时装秀的化妆造型等。

协助学员接洽新娘化妆工作包括 :婚礼化妆、婚庆化妆等 。为了学员有更好的发展,协助学员们参加全国、亚洲等国际化妆大赛 。



课程计有 :新娘化妆及发型设计课程 、专业化妆师课程 、人体彩绘课程 、专业美容师课程 、美甲课程 、个人化妆技巧课程 、摄影 / 电视 / 电影 / 舞台及特技化妆课程。除了多项专业化妆、发型及美容课程,还包括上门化妆服务。



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Ivy Low is Founder and Principal of Ivy’s Make Up and Beauty. Armed with more than 20 years of make up experience, Ivy was trained in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, USA and France. She was a part of the Golden International Expert’s Evaluation and My Wedding Magazine’s official make-up artist. Her style is unique and with her experience and passion, Ivy brings in-depth knowledge and skills to the make-up industry.

Ivy’s Make Up and Beauty Academy provides theory and practical trainings that include make-up, hair-styling, beauty, image courses, where students are given great opportunities to participate in exciting and beneficial activities, such as make up competitions, stage performances and dance shows, fashion, TV and MTV shootings, magazine shoots, beauty pageants, make-overs, bridal make-ups and make-up shows. For the students’ better future and career, Ivy’s Make Up and Beauty Academy helps them to participate in make-competitions in national and international levels.

All instructors and make-up artists from Ivy’s Make Up and Beauty Academy are talented, equipped with at least 8 years of experiences in the field. Instructors impart professional yet practical and useful make-up techniques, so that the students are able to master the art of make-up easily.

Ivy’s Make up and Beauty Academy provides you professional courses in order to prepare you for immediate career opportunities by ensuring practical and freelance assignments are arranged throughout the year. Ivy aims to help her students to achieve in many fields and feel confident in how they look as well as what they do.

Courses include: Bridal Make-up and Hair Design Course, Professional Make-up Artist Course, Body Painting Course, Professional Beauty Course, Nail Art Design Course, Personal Image Make-up Course and Film/TV/Theatre/Stage & Special Effect Make-up.

Bridal Make-up, Dinner Make Up and Hair Design services at bridals’ place are also available.